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Tatkal Ticket Cancellation and Refund Rules-(2018)

Tatkal ticket cancellation is always in question when you have confirmed, waiting list or partial confirmed tickets. Earlier, when you were able to cancel waitlisted tatkal ticket only before 24 hrs of train departure, now in 2018 you can cancel your tatkal waiting list ticket up to 30 minutes of train departure. Here we can understand in detail the new tatkal waiting list ticket cancellation rules and refund of cancellation amount.

Tatkal tickets are of great relief to people who has urgent travel plans. One can book tatkal tickets one day before of actual journey date. But getting a confirmed tatkal tickets are not always easy. While booking online at irctc website, we sometimes end up with waiting list tatkal tickets.  The irctc new guidelines says the general quota waitlisted tickets (GNWL) are preferred over tatkal quota waitlisted ticket (TQWL). Now the question arises can tatkal ticket be cancelled? specially when you have the wailiting list tatkal ticket. let us understand one by one.

Cancellation of Confirmed Tatkal Tickets:

If you have confirmed tatkal tickets, in which all the passenger in the ticket have confirmed birth, then you will get zero refund upon ticket cancellation. It means no refund is granted for cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket. However you may get refund of full amount in case of following circumstances.

  1. The train is delayed by more than 3 hours at journey originating point.
  2. Train is diverted from actual route.
  3. Passenger is not allotted in the same class as booked in ticket.
  4. Passenger is allotted same coach as booked in ticket.
  5. Train is cancelled.

Cancellation of Waiting list Tatkal Tickets:

If tatkal ticket remains Waitliset or RAC after chart preparation then cancellation of tatkal tickets is allowed till 30 minutes before scheduled departure of train or the tickets get auto cancelled if it is booked through irctc website and the amount is refunded after deducting of Clearkage charges. If you have booked through railway reservation counter then you need to visit railway counter for cancellation or file TDR.

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Tickets booked through IRCTC website get refund directly on the same payment mode from which the ticket is booked. The tickets booked through Railway reservation counter are refunded in cash.

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Cancellation of Partially Confirmed Tatkal Tickets:

If in a waitlisted ticket, at-least one passenger in the ticket have confirmed birth then it is considered as partially confirmed ticket. When a tatkal ticket gets partially confirmed after chart preparation then you are allowed to cancel the tickets and gets full refund after deducting of Clearkage charges. However all the passenger of a partial confirmed tatkal tickets are allowed to board train.

Tatkal waitlisted tickets are always a concern due to its high ticket pricing. It is always advisable to take tatkal ticket when you are confirmed about your journey. But cancellation of Tatkal tickets has given relief to those who might mistakenly booked wrong tatkal tickets. I hope the above rules on cancellation and refund of tatkal ticket might help people in need.

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