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Online Cancellation of Counter Ticket on IRCTC website

IRCTC has introduced a new feature for online cancellation of Railway tickets booked through reservation counter  at various railway station . The tickets booked at Railway Reservation Countersor PRS  are called counter tickets. Earlier these tickets are cancelled at reservations counters only, but now you can cancel these ticket online at IRCTC website. See the Below link on the website tabs. counter ticket cancellation panel

This is an important facility given by Indian Railway, because of heavy rush at reservation counters the timely cancellation of tickets to get the required refund was sometimes not possible. Now you can easily cancel your ticket at irctc online web portal to claim the refunds. However there is no possibility to get refund digitally, one can get the refund in cash at the counter only.

The detail Procedure of counter ticket cancellation is given below. It is important to note that a valid mobile number must be there at the time of booking ticket at reservation counter because during online cancellation a OTP will be sent to same number for verification purpose.

Online cancellation of counter ticket is allowed:

  1. 4 hours before schedule departure of train in case of confirmed tickets.
  2. 3o minutes before schedule departure of train in case of RAC/Waitlisted tickets.


The Procedure of Counter Ticket Cancellation

Step1. Notedown your ticket PNR no and Train number from the Ticket booked through reservation counter.

railway counter tickets

Step2. Go to IRCTC website’s counter Ticket cancellation link. Fill the (1) PNR no., (2)Train No. and the (3)Captcha provided. Check the (4)terms and then submit it.

counter ticket cancellation

Step3. A OTP (one time password) will be sent to the mobile number used at the time of booking. Enter the received OTP and then click submit.

Step4. After verifying, full details of PNR will appear and the cancellation option will come. Click on full cancellation, it will show the refunded amount. After cancelling the PNR will be marked as Cancelled but not refunded in the system. Seat/berth will be released for further booking. Refund amount due will also be displayed to the passenger on website. Also a sms will be sent the number, saying…

“Your PNR xxxxxxxxxx has been cancelled. Collect refund amt xxxxx
from journey commencing station or nearby
satellite PRS locations. Ref. Terms & conditions”

Step5. Collect the refunded amount at journey commencing station of nearby satellite PRS location by submitting the original counter ticket. PRS is Passenger Reservation System or the reservation counters from where railway tickets are booked.


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  1. Sir,HUGE PROBLEM i cancelled my counter ticket online through irctc website and while going to the railway station i got my original ticket misplaced.Now the official says they won’t refund my money please help!

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