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How to make a short film

Making a film does not only require technical skills but also great creative skills. Short filmmaking is one of the best ways to improve these skills. With advances in technology, the process has become a lot easier now. For starters, you need to arrange a decent camera, and a computer with editing software; and the rest depends on the hard work and creativity of the people involved.

Short film making in today’s world

If you are looking for a career in feature films, making short film is very important. Moreover, getting the job of a proper filmmaker for a feature film is a difficult task. Making short films gives you a start to improve your skills and show them to the world. With sites like Youtube, your short films can be easily seen by people around the world and gain you popularity for your work.

If you are wondering how to shoot a short film with minimal requirements, you might want to read the following.


Steps of making a Short films


The first step for making a short film is to come up with an idea. It is important to remember that your film will have a very limited duration, so the short film idea should be feasible enough. Watch feature and short movies; discuss your ideas with others and be open to inputs.

short film making

Script writing:

When the idea for the film is finalized, you are required to write a script to proceed further. A well-written script is very important for any kind of film. It helps to visualize the scenes and give depth to the characters in the film. A short film script should be written carefully keeping in mind that it should convey the intended message to the viewers.

camera accessories


A necessary step after script writing is screenplay. The frame of a scene, movements of camera and characters are described in screenplay. Once you are done with screenplay and arranging the logistics, you are ready to shoot.


Short film camera need not be very expensive. You can shoot your film with any camera you can find. It is nice to learn some basic technical skills about camera like ISO, focus setting, etc. to understand how to shoot a short film. You will learn more about camera with experience. Apart from knowing the technical aspect, you need to be creative on taking a shot. The angle and frame of the scene play a role in conveying the story.

short film camera

Film Directing:

short film directing

Directing a short film develops your fundamentals to shoot a feature film. To learn how to direct a short film watch as many movies as possible, understand the directing style of various directors, and make many films of your own.


Once the shoot is completed, you then need to edit the scenes.  Most people think, that editing just requires the knowledge of an editing software. Well for getting started, it is true. But every editor is required to develop their own style. This is what makes one editor different from the other. Watching some of the best short films will let you know the importance of good editing.


After editing, your short film is ready to be released for the viewers. Try to show it to varied people and get their reviews on it. Learn from your mistakes and try to improve in your next short film.

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Authored by Kiran Mandia

I am a computer science student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; and a writer who loves to read about various topics.I also like making short films.

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