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How to Pair Smart Watch

Connectivity issue with smart watch

I am writing this article just to help people to know how to pair smart watch with their phone ‘second time’. Second time means, you didn’t face any connectivity issue the first time you bought the phone, but after you chosen ‘Forget watch’option and trying to reconnect again you face problem in pairing. Pairing second time sometimes leads to connectivity issue and the smart watch do not pair again. This is very irritating and time consuming. Pairing your watch with the phone for the first time is easy and therefore do not follow this long procedure described here. If you are searching for this then directly go to 9.1 or  click here. Many people like me while exploring the features of their smart watches do many installation and Un-installation and in return landed to issue of pairing. Then they start searching for how to pair smart watch with the phone.

How to pair smart watch with your phone

I know you must have checked your Bluetooth functionality and wi-fi connections. You also must have Android 4.3 or above, Google Play Services app version 7.3.28 or above, Google Search app version 4.0 or above, Android Wear app version 1.0

Follow the procedure step by step to pair you smart watch again.

A) Settings on watch

  1. Factory Reset and un-pair your watch
  2. Swipe from right to left>> got to Settings, touch and go down to see
  3. Factory reset (Android Wear 1.3.x) or Unpair from phone > Factory reset and unpair(Android Wear 1.4.0 or above)
  4. Restart your smart watch

B) Settings on Phone

1. Uninstall Android wear app from your phone

android wear app

2. Disconnect your smart watch Bluetooth device from the phone, using Forget device option

3. Uninstall updates of Google play services from phone

3.1 Go to Settings>>Apps>>












3.2 Uninstall updates of Google play services from phone, first disable and then uninstall


4. Uninstall updates of Google play stores from phone


5. Uninstall Google apps from phone

6. Restart phone

7. Update all Google apps(play services, play stores and google apps) in your phone

8. Install Android wear App

9. Pair your smart watch again.

9.1 After installing android wear app

Go next>>turn ON Notification>> turn ON Bluetooth in phone>>Select your device>>see code and touch pair option

Once pair it will take 20-30 minutes to update and synchronize apps in smart watch keep the phone near to smart watch.



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