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How to Measure Height of Tree

Tree height is nothing more than the vertical distance from the base of the tree to its tip. But for measuring tree height, you must first calculate its girth, volume, crown spread and center of gravity.

Methods of Measuring Tree height

There are various methods of measuring tree height, each with its own advantages and disadvantages but out of all, the paper method, shadow method, mirror method, clinometer or transit method and carpenter app method are the best ways to measure a tree height. These methods help calculate the height of the tree but they do have their flaws, so you should see the tree from every angle to get the accurate height. Read on to find out few of the best methods for measuring tree height

  1. Paper method

This method will help you calculate the height of the tree without doing any math. All you need for this method is a piece of paper and a tape measure

  • Firstly, make the paper into a square and fold it to form a 90º angle triangle.
  • Hold the triangle in front of one eye with the 90º angle on the side of the tree
  • Move yourself with the triangle in your hand, till the top and bottom of the tree aligns with the top and bottom of the triangle.
  • Now mark the sport, measure its distance from the base of the tree and don’t forget your height.
  1. Shadow method

This is a bit quirky method for measuring tree height; all you need is tape measure.

  • Measure the length of the tree’s shadow, your height, your shadow and the tree’s width. Write them down
  • a x b/ c = tree height, where a = your height, b = tree’s shadow+1/2 tree width and c= your shadow)

If you have issue with the calculation, then you can use online tree height calculator. 

tree height

  1. App measure

Apps such as Tree height management, Measure heights etc. will help in calculating the height of the tree but the result will depend greatly on your phone and your ability to hold your phone. If you don’t hold it right, then there is a great chance that your result will not be accurate enough. This is effortless means of measuring tree height and is easy and portable.

  1. Mirror method

This method will give you an accurate answer but it will take some time and calculation. For this method you must

  • Firstly fill a black pan with water and place it at the base of the plant in such a manner that the top of the tree is reflected in the water and let the distance of the tree from the pan be ‘a’.
  • Let ‘b’ be the distance from your eye level to the ground and ‘c’ be measurement of the ground to the centre of the pan.
  • Tree height = b x a/c, use all the collected measurements in this equation.
  1. Clinometer method

This is one of the most mathematical and accurate tree measuring methods. For this you will need a clinometer, tape, pencil and paper.

  • Firstly pick a spot where you can see the top of the tree
  • Measure the angle and note it down as ‘a’
  • Note down your distance from the tree as ‘b’
  • Measure the distance from the ground to your eye and note it down as ‘c’
  • Height of tree = (tan(a) x b) + c

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