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How to Calculate Lucky Number Using Numerology?

A Lucky number is supposed to be the most important number in numerology chart, as it is based on your date of birth. It is also known as “Life Path Number”.  Lucky numbers reveal a broad spectrum of challenges, opportunities, and lessons you will learn in your lifetime. Numerology derives obscure and occult bonding between living beings and numbers. According to the believers in numerology, numbers have great significance in health, relationships, life and finances overall. The article describe how to know lucky numbers using numerology calculations. But before that let us understand more about these numbers.

What are Lucky Numbers?

As discussed earlier, your lucky numbers reveal the major lessons you are going to learn in your lifetime. It reveals a lot about your personality that can help you in your life journey. The positive aspects are your abilities and helpful skills and the negative aspects the traits you have to learn to balance in life. There is also one more important number that can bring fortune to your life is the  lucky lottery number. People purchase lotteries and play a game of luck to earn the prize money while doing so they select the lottery number as per their choice. you should play it with your own numbers along with the number of lottery date for good fortune. If you are purchasing 6 digits lottery number, each digits should match with your personal lucky numbers. Also match your lucky number with the day of lucky draw, to find out today lucky number. You may win if your lucky enough.

my lucky number

How to Calculate Lucky Numbers?

Here I will show how i calculated my lucky number and similarly you can calculate yours. My date of birth is 21 August 1987. The sum total of the numbers in my birth date is the main source of finding the my lucky number. These digits are added together. The sum total is reduced further by adding the rest of the digits until you get the single digit. There are three methods to do that.


Reducing to single digit  =2+1+0+8+1+9+8+7=36= 3+6= 9
so, My Lucky Number is 9


day=21 = 2+1=3
month = 08 =0+8 = 8
year =1987=1+9+8+7 = 25 = 2+5 = 7
Now, 3+8+7 = 18 = 1+8 = 9


2+1+0+8(adding day and month) =11=1+1=2 +1+9+8+7(adding year)=27=2+7=9

So all above three methods gives My Lucky Number as 9

For easy and fast calculation do not consider number 9 for adding as this will not make a difference. Check it for above example. Also numbers 11 & 22 are master number therefore consider this two numbers as it is and do not deduce to single digit.

For example – 21st November, 1987

Lucky number will be= 2+1+11+1+8+7=30=3+0=3

However had you been consider reducing 11 to single digit the result would have been the same. see below.

Lucky number will be= 2+1+1+1+1+8+7=21=2+1=3. Isn’t it Interesting !!!

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 Where to Use These Lucky Numbers?

You can use your lucky number in lottery and casino games. To use them best to your advantage, you have to know their purpose. A lucky number brings good luck. You have to understand how these lucky numbers work in numerology. These numbers are personal. They bring the luck from energies as well as abundance in your own materialistic and spiritual world. Once you know your lucky numbers, you can better be prepared to use them to your advantage.


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