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How to calculate GPA

GPA stands for grade point average. It is an indicator of once performance/level in any subject. For example A+(excellent), A(very good), B (good),C (average),E (poor),F (failure), depending upon Universities. Every grade is assigned with a point, Table 1 below shows the points of each grade in a five point system. Also every subject is assigned with a Credit score. Now GPA is calculated as grade score multiplied by credit score for each subject divided by the total credit score.

GPA Formula

    \[  GPA=\frac{(Subject1Grade*Subject1Credit+Subject2Grade*Subject2Credit +.....)   }{(subject1Credit+subject2Credit)+....)} \]


What is CGPA

CGPA means cumulative grade point average. It means that it is mean of GPA. CGPA is calculated for a term of course. To arrive at CGPA, grade points obtained by a student in all semesters are added and divided by the sum of his total credit hours. If there are two semesters in a year, a student gets CGPA for a year, sum of GPA of each semester divided by two is the CGPA of that year.

How to calculate percentage from CGPA

To calculate percentage from a CGPA score is simply to multiply by 9.5.

Percentage score=9.5*CGPA score

For Example: If a student got total 9.2 CGPA, it means his or her total percentage of marks: 9.5*9.2 = 87.4%.

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