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How to calculate BMI

BMI is Body Mass Index, a measure of once body fat. It is an important tool whereby a doctor could actually gauge a patient being too heavy or too thin and even discuss the issue with the individual. It also  signify a healthy body with respect to his or her weight and height. therefore it is important to understand how to calculate BMI for your body. One should know the weight of his or her body in kilogram and height in meter. A healthy BMI ranges is between 19 and 25. How to calculate BMI is described below with formula, also an online BMI calculator is given to directly find your BMI.

How to calculate BMI and BMI formula

    \[ BMI= \frac{weight}{height^2} \]

where, weight in kilogram and height in meters

For example.

Body weight= 110 pound, height=5 ft 10 inches
weight=110*0.454=49.94 kg  [0.454 =factor for converting pound to kg ] height=5*12+10=70 inches=70*0.0254=1.778 [0.0254 =factor for converting inch to kg ]

    \[BMI=60/1.778^2= 15.79  \]

An online BMI calculator is also given which calculates BMI as per method described above. It also shows the healthiness of your body as per BMI table given below

BMI Table for Adult (above 18 yrs of age)

After calculating your Body Mass Index using above BMI formula, The BMI Table is referred to find the health of your body. BMI Table for an adult above 18 years of ages is shown below.

BMI table

BMI for Children

The method of calculation of BMI for kids is similar to adults, it provides a data just to compare the growth pattern and relative health of children in same age and sex group. Once the BMI is calculated in the same way as for adults it is plotted on the BMI-for-age growth charts to get a percentile ranking. This may be exclusively for boys or girls.

BMI Table for Children (below 18 yrs of age)

BMI Table for Kids

It must be noted that BMI is just an indicative tool. It tells a child is under weight (<5) or overweight (>95), amount of fat in children changes with age therefore consultation of a Doctor is needed to judge whether extra/deficiency of fat is a health issue or not.


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