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How students make money by writing for the online blogs-A complete Guide

We are living in a Digital era where technology has advanced to a great extent. With the internet being accessible very easily, it is quite evident of getting a lot of web-based jobs and thus make money out of it. One of the most trending online job is working as a content writer where you can potentially earn very easy money. Moreover, you can do online writing for various blogs and thus earn fast money. Nowadays it is so popular among college students, that depending upon their writing skills they easily make enough pocket money out of it.  Some of them even choose it as a career and become a freelancer writer after studies. The basic which is required for content writing is to have exceptional English writing skills as well as good researching skills over internet.  Internet has reached to every hand at very affordable price, college students find it very easy to search things online read about various subjects. You only need to know how to write good article for online blogs with some basic techniques to get offer for your content writing.

How to write flawless content for online blogs?

To succeed, your career as a content writer, you need to be quite disciplined towards your approach. In addition to it, you need to be well versed with the tools that are required for writing online contents. The most important tools that I use are Grammarly and Copyscape. Grammarly is primarily used to check for the grammatical mistakes that might be present in your article. Copyscape is a paid tool that helps to check for plagiarism that might be found in the article. In addition to it, I would advise you to check for your written content manually as it can easily help you to identify common mistakes.

make money by online writing

How to get work as a content writer?

Content writers are currently in very high demand, and hence there is no limit towards the job that you can get in the field of online writing. All you have to do is build a good portfolio so that clients can easily hire you. As a student or perhaps a fresher, you can easily find content writing jobs via Facebook groups, LinkedIn, various freelancing websites such as Upwork, freelancer,etc. Moreover, you can also use the traditional way of getting the clients such as cold calling. You may also use a very tactical approach such as typing on Google ‘Write for us,’ and you will get a list of blogs jotted down in your search list. You may approach them by filling the contact us form. Eventually, once you have got in touch with the client, you can bargain for the pay based on your experience. You may ask them the budget and let them know how you can be beneficial for their business.

What are the ideal payment methods and terms?

Once you have completed the work, you can potentially earn your first paycheck. Ideally, you can use a lot of payment methods such as Bank transfer, PayTm, etc. If you have an international client, then you can ask for the payment via PayPal or skrill. One more thing that you should know is, if you are working with a new client, then you should ask them to pay money after each article. Once trust is built, you can switch to fortnightly payment or perhaps a monthly payment. Also, try to get associated with a client that has a registered company as it can minimize the chance of getting scammed.

What is the earning potential through writing content?

Eventually, you may find it hard to get the clients, but once you have built a list of clients earning can be great in online blog writing business. Easily you can make lots of money that too at the comfort of doing work at your home and being your own boss. In India, you would be getting an average of 250 INR per 500 Words.So, ideally, it takes me an hour to write a article of 500 words. So, if you work for 8 hours for six days, you can potentially make more than 50000 INR per month. This is ideally considered as an excellent income, and you should give content writing profession a try.


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