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How I cared for my brother and his family suffering from Corona

As long as you are cautious and following Covid appropriate behavior, you are safe. 

My brother, his wife and two kids were corona positive in the month of April. My Brother works for a PSE in Visakhapatnam, He was infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus while sharing mobile phone of his colleague, who had little cough and cold. Within 2-3 days’ symptoms started appearing on all family members. The first RTPCR of my brother was Negative but symptoms got aggravated. Fever with body temp 103 °C did not reduced even after Dolo650, choked throat and body ache started weakening his body. Similar symptoms noticed in his wife and children. He has two sons, under 11 years’ age. Wife and children had vomiting tendencies in addition to these symptoms. I and all our family members were afraid of their health as there was nobody except his office colleague and neighbors to help them in those miserable situation. In a weeks’ time all were fell severely ill lying helpless on bed at home. One kind lady in same apartment was sending food for them. A colleague from office use to drop medicine and medical essentials at his doors step.

I was in Haridwar, impatiently waiting for my RTPCR report. I had taken Covid19 test due to came in contact with my Boss in office who were diagnosed Covid positive. On third days of giving sample my report comes Negative. I booked flight to Vishakhapatnam, my wife looked depressed holding my 2.8 years’ son on her lap. I assured her of my safe return. Soon she realizes and supported me in bag packing and prepared some snacks for the children.

Covid protection at Airport

I had bought lots of Surgical Mask and Gloves along with few N95 mask and face shields. I wore a pair of hand gloves, surgical mask on top of N95 mask to tightly cover-up my nose and mouth. I also kept a handy sanitizer bottle inside pocket for frequent hand sanitization. Before boarding the flight, I also used the face shield given at the airport which I removed only after reaching Hotel in Visakhapatnam. It was total 10 hrs journey, via Delhi to be covered in two connecting flights. Late night I reached Hotel, which i had booked on the way. I was suffocating and had persistent headache due to prolonged use of mask and face shield. First time, I realized how difficult it is for Doctors & health workers who are working day and night in PPEKit.

My Brother was hospitalized with Oxygen support a day before I reached Visakhapatnam. His SPO2 had fallen to 85 and had suffered from dry cough, chest congestion and breathlessness. Doctors asked us to arrange Remdesivir Injection as soon as possible. Luckily we could arrange Remdesivir through an unknown person, whom I had paid 1.5 lakh in advance when he was in Hyderabad, trusting him that he will deliver Injections in Vizag the next day.

The first day, I met Doctor in hospital to inquire my brother’s condition, he said,“Remdesivir is not a magical medicine”, then he spoke about a list of medicine, which i did not understand. What i understood was, the brother condition was deteriorating. I requested him to allow me to meet my brother using PPE kit, but he denied.  A lady staff on reception consoled me, she said, “Sir will allow only if the patient condition is severe, so your brother is okay”. There were only grief and sorrow inside and around hospital, sudden sound of crying out of anxiety or death was quite common. People said, every day one or two dead bodies come out from hospital.

It was a full Covid hospital, I use to wear full shirts & jeans, uses double mask and Face shield, while in hospital and anywhere outside hotel. On return to hotel I used to dispose my hand gloves, surgical mask, keep my shoes outside hotel room and sprayed surface disinfectant over it. Then, I rushed to bathroom, take hot water bath, wash all cloths and keep aside face shield untouched for two days. After bath, I inhale steam for 5 minutes before taking rest.

Second day, third dose of Remdesivir was given, Doctor told me the blood thinner medicine does not suits to my brother, therefore he has to rely on Remdesivir.  My brother was on 2 LPM oxygen support. I asked if there was enough oxygen supply to Hospital, they said till now, “yes”.

Every morning and night, I use to deliver breakfast and dinner to my Brother’s family at their door step. Sometimes send favorite snacks for the kids in the evening, which brought smile on their faces, on those morbid situations. Occasionally I used to see kids and Bhabi, from the open door, and try to boost them up.

Third day, Brother conditions was not improving, Doctor said, “I have given last dose of Steroid, let’s see, either positive or negative”. He advised me to search for Ventilator bed elsewhere, as it was already occupied in hospital. That day two dead bodies come out from hospital.

I tried to spend less time in hospital, except to meet doctor. I did not seat and eat in hotel rather bring parcel from outside. My hotel did not provide food or water in room service, they were following full safety measures. I was restless whole night thinking of my brother condition.

Fourth day, Morning 7 o’clock I got call from brother, he was feeling alright, I thanked God for everything.  I was happy but eager to know Doctor’s view. I met Doctor at 2 PM after his rounds in Covid ward. Doctors said, “I am positive, till yesterday I was negative”. Doctors word was like big relief for me, I smiled with wet eyes.

My brother stayed for another three days in hospital as his oxygen was not stable, with great difficulties we arranged an oxygen cylinder for home. But more important and difficult task was to build confidence in him, that he was alright without external oxygen support also. At night 10 o’clock, I drove back home from hospital, getting my brother seated on back seat of his own car. He was relaxed and happy, taking fresh air from open window, till we reach home.  After dropping home, I came back to Hotel, as soon as I entered room, I got a call from him that oxygen does not comes out from oxygen cylinder…..silence….we both laughed.  My brother doesn’t use external oxygen thereafter; he was happier together meeting his family. Although, he kept with him the cylinder for one day, which the oxygen supplier had fixed its malfunctioned valve the next morning.

I returned back to Haridwar safely on 8th day, had my RAT and RTPCR tested Negative, but my ordeal was big Positive. (At last I would like to thank my brother’s colleague specially Gautham and Ashwini who supported in taking care of my brother).

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