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Consolidated List of Stocks Under Additional Surveillance Measures (ASM)

According to BSE notice dated June 4, 2018, as many 109 securities are brought under Additional Surveillance Measure (ASM) framework w.e.f 5th june, 2018. This notice is seen as extension of earlier notice on March 31, 2018, wherein stocks of 37 companies was first under ASM framework. A consolidated list of stock under ASM framework as released by BSE are mentioned below. Stock Exchanges have introduced ASM mainly to keep surveillance on the trading activities (price and volume) on particular stocks in the interests of investors. therefore the the stocks of these 109 companies will be under surveillance by exchanges. The shortlisting of securities under ASM Framework is purely on account of market surveillance and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the concerned company/entity.

Additional Surveillance Measure

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Exchanges take various measure to safeguard interest of investors, such as reduction in price band, periodic call auction and transfer of securities to Trade to Trade or T2T category from time to time. This time exchanges have taken additional measure called as ASM to control on price variation and volatility of securities.

The surveillance action on these securities are as under:

  1. Securities shall be placed in Price Band of 5%
  2. Margins shall be levied at the rate of 100%

It means securities are allowed only 5% drop or rise in price in one trading session (a circuit of 5%). And you need 100% money to trade in these stocks.  You cannot do intra-day trade using credits from broker. You will have to  of these stock Market participants may note that ASM framework shall be in conjunction with all other prevailing surveillance measures being imposed by the Exchanges from time to time. It means that you have to pay full amount when you buy the stock and you can sell stock only if you have in securities in your Demat account. No speculation (Trading) is allowed in these stock. To elaborate more, some brokers gives credit facilities for their client by keeping 35% or 40% margin . Now it is compulsory to keep 100% margin. Some people are confused about 100% margin concept. If you have paid full amount of stock, then No margin is required. This 100% margin concept is for speculators (Traders) who do not pay full amount of stock and avails credit facilities from their Brokers.

Consolidated list of stock under ASM

As per BSE notice the list of stock under ASM framework are mentioned below. There are six companies from group ‘A’ category and 37 companies from group ‘B’ Category and rest are from group T, X, XT, Z and P category.

Serial No.Scrip CodeISINStockTrade forTradeBSE Group
1538570INE860P01025Achal InvestmentsYesXT
2517356INE167B01025ACI InfocomYesXT
3521070INE270A01011Alok IndustriesT
4507525INE866E01026Amrit CorpX
5520077INE130C01021Amtek AutoZ
6540692INE346W01013Apex Frozen FoodsX
7511064INE099M01027Aplaya CreationsX
8500016INE957C01019Aruna HotelsXT
9526187INE293C01019Ashram Online.ComXT
10507526INE073G01016Associated Alcohols & BreweriesX
11539018INE213D01015Beekay Steel IndustriesX
12500052INE922A01025Bhansali Engineering PolymersX
13523229INE415D01024Bharat SeatsX
14533321INE607L01029Bil Energy SystemsYesT
15500020INE032A01023Bombay Dyeing & Mfg CompanyA
16532678INE589G01011Bombay Rayon FashionsYesT
17540006INE595R01015Bullish Bonds & HoldingsYesXT
18517421INE295F01017Butterfly Gandhimathi AppliancesB
19511742INE583D01011Chokhani SecuritiesX
20532342INE354B01029Commex TechnologyYesXT
21539131INE767G01013Crescent LeasingX
22522163INE989C01012Diamond Power InfrastructureYesT
24540047INE917M01012Dilip BuildconA
25538653INE649L01013Ejecta MarketingX
26533264INE481K01013Electrosteel SteelsYesT
27533218INE778K01012Emami InfrastructureB
28530333INE128F01010Emgee Cables & CommunicationsP
29500650INE369A01029Excel IndustriesB
30514474INE719D01011Fairdeal FilamentsX
31533333INE045J01026Fineotex ChemicalB
32502865INE518A01013Forbes & CompanyB
33539730INE194R01017Fredun PharmaceuticalsXT
34539228INE480S01018Gala Global ProductsB
35512493INE590B01010Garnet InternationalYesXT
36539407INE854S01014Generic Engineering ConstructionX
37509567INE426D01013Goa CarbonB
38538787INE997C01015Goenka Business & FinanceX
39532439INE260D01016Goldstone InfratechB
40509488INE371A01025Graphite IndiaB
41532951INE871H01011GSS InfotechB
42532775INE221H01019GTL InfrastructureYesT
43532708INE251H01024GVK Power & InfrastructureB
46500184INE019C01026Himadri Speciality ChemicalB
47509627INE551A01022Hindustan Dorr-OliverT
48500201INE560A01015India GlycolsB
49532960INE274G01010Indiabulls VenturesA
50533207INE099J01015Jaypee InfratechYesT
51514034INE187A01017JBF IndustriesYesT
52531543INE247D01021Jindal WorldwideB
53539679INE332Q01015Kapil Raj FinanceX
55532997INE143H01015KSK Energy VenturesB
56530149INE219A01026KSL & IndustriesX
58539992INE093R01011Lloyds Steels IndustriesYesT
59513269INE993A01026Man Industries (India)B
60500279INE831A01028Mirc ElectronicsB
61530047INE313D01013Mohota IndustriesYesT
62505343INE811D01024Monotype IndiaX
63500298INE585A01020National PeroxideB
64538772INE480D01010Niyogin FintechB
65538547INE189Q01019Oasis TradelinkYesB
66533317INE474L01016Omkar Speciality ChemicalsB
67530135INE350C01017Optiemus InfracomB
68501179INE221D01018Oscar InvestmentsYesXT
69539007INE115R01012Pincon LifestyleYesZ
70506022INE603A01013Prakash IndustriesB
71511116INE527B01020Quadrant TeleventuresX
72532497INE944F01028Radico KhaitanA
73500339INE855B01025Rain IndustriesA
74514223INE410D01017Ramgopal PolytexYesT
75533107INE542F01012Reliance Naval and EngineeringA
76519097INE534D01014Ritesh InternationalYesXT
77519260INE890C01046Sanwaria ConsumerB
78531893INE248B01015Sawaca Business MachinesX
79531925INE545N01019Shantanu Sheorey AquakultXT
80538212INE909D01026Sharp InvestmentsX
81533520INE126M01010SORIL Holdings and VenturesT
82536799INE002J01027SRS FinanceX
84533305INE953I01023SRS Real InfrastructureX
85531723INE224E01028Stampede CapitalT
86570005INE224E01036Stampede Capital – DVRB
87512299INE324C01038Sterling BiotechYesZ
88508998INE696C01021Sterling International EnterprisesYesZ
89532711INE305H01028Sunil Hitech EngineersB
90535141INE338O01025Sunstar Realty DevelopmentT
91530677INE822E01011Supreme Holdings & Hospitality (India)XT
92532904INE550H01011Supreme Infrastructure IndiaB
93506863INE716M01026Swadeshi Industries & LeasingX
94533200INE502K01016Talwalkars Better Value FitnessB
95540108INE864T01011Tiaan Ayurvedic & HerbsX
96504966INE422C01014Tinplate Company of IndiaB
97532812INE804H01012Transwarranty FinanceB
98526957INE493E01029Uniply DecorX
99532765INE235G01011Usher AgroB
100500254INE292A01023Uttam Value SteelsYesT
101523261INE398A01010Venkys (India)B
102537820INE159N01027Viji FinanceB
103534741INE247C01023Virtual Global EducationX
104532411INE861A01058Visesh InfotecnicsYesT
105536128INE211P01021VKJ InfradevelopersYesXT
107522029INE052A01021Windsor MachinesB
108522108INE384C01016Yuken IndiaX
109512553INE058B01018Zenith ExportsT

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