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How to convert meters to feet

To convert meters to feet for rough calculation multiply meters by 3.28 and to roughly calculate feet to meters divide feet by 3. For accurate meters to feet calculation and feet to meter calculation following conversion factor is used. Factors to convert meters and feet     1 meters is equal ...

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Algebra Formulas

Algebra formula

The important algebra formulas used in Algebra are.                                                        

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How to calculate area of Quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals are polygon of four sides and vertices. These can be of different shapes. How to calculate area of quadrilaterals of different shapes are explained here with examples. The topic covers are Area of a square Area of a rectangle Area of a parallelogram Area of a rhomboid Area of ...

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How to calculate area of a Triangle

Area of  a Triangle can be calculated by various methods depending upon the available data of triangle. Different formulas used to calculate area of the triangle are explained here with examples. The topic covers area of a triangle when Method 1 Only base and height is given Method 2 Two sides and ...

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How to calculate Mean Median Mode

Mean, Median and Mode are methods to find the average of a set of numbers. Different data sets are clubbed in three different category to calculate their mean, median and mode. Simple average of numbers are calculated by Mean, when the middle number is to be picked then Median is ...

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How to calculate Percentages

We need to calculate percentages in academics, sells or purchase, finding discount, calculating taxes/Vat, shares etc. Sometimes it is required to find the percentage increase or decrease of any value. Percentage calculation formula is also used to calculate percentile or finding rank in a school. Therefore understanding percentage calculation basic helps in every ...

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