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Calculate Power Consumption and Average Monthly Electricity Bills of Your Home

Every household that uses electricity needs to pay monthly electricity bills, which is important part of our monthly expenses. Electricity bills depends on the total power consumption in the house. Power is the energy consumed in a given duration of time, and each electrical appliance consume electric energy when switched ON. To estimate the average monthly electricity bill one need to calculate power consumption of one’s house because electricity bills are calculated from kWh. The consumption of power in houses depends on the wattage of electrical appliances in usage. To find the average electric bills per month of one’s household, one need to know how much does electricity cost in their locality. And then by the following knowledge we can find out the monthly electricity bill.

Power Consumption and Rating of Electric Appliances

Electricity bill is based on the units used by a household.  Units means the Kwh (kilowatt-hours). 1 unit is 1 kWh. Electricity rates is defines in terms of cost per kWh. To find the total kWh, we need to first find the power consumption of each electric appliances used in the house. But power consumption varies from one electric appliance to another.  All electric appliances have different wattage or energy consumption rate. The average wattage is usually mentioned on the appliance in the form of amps or Watts/kWatts.

Watts is the unit of power, It represents the energy consumed per unit time by the appliances. Some appliances mention Kwh, It generally  represents the power consumption per year.

General ratings of some appliances are as below

Home Appliances
Avg. Usage(Hrs)/year (Indicative)
Ceiling fan
50 to 70 watt
Wall fan
50 to 80 watt
Normal Bulb
100 watt
CFL light
25 watt
Tube light
40 watt
400 watt
Air Conditioner
1000-2000 watt
50-75 watt
Micro Oven
1000 to 2500 watt
Room Heater
1500-2000 watt
2000-3000 watt
Phone Chargers
6 watt


Calculate Power Consumption and Monthly Electricity bill

So, in order to find the monthly electricity bill, we first need to find out the energy consumption rates (wattage) of each devices in usage ( mentioned in the specification of appliances). Then calculate the Kwh of each by multiplying with the average hours of usage. We may consider the average usage of each appliance per month.

In this way, we can find the kWh (kilowatt-hours) of each electric appliance.

Add kWhs of all appliances to find the total units consumed in a month.


Now, to find the electricity bill, we simply need to multiply it to the kWh cost prevailing in the locality.

For instance, given that a bulb of 100 Watt is ON for 6 hours everyday and a TV of 60 Watt is switched ON for 2 hours each day in the month of April, and the electricity rate is Rs 5/units.

To find the electricity bill for April month, we first find the total power consumption,

i.e kWh = Power x hours per day x number of days

= 100 x 6 x 30 + 60 x 2 x 30

= 18000 + 3600

= 21,600/1000

= 21.6 kWh

Total Electricity bill for the month of April = 21.6 x 5= Rs 108


Thus, we now know that to find out the electricity bill, it is necessary for us to be aware of the average usage of every electric appliance and their wattage.  Since, we need to find out the total energy consumption of the house. Also, we cannot find the bill without knowing the energy cost of the locality. Once we know these things, we can easily find out the monthly electricity bill of the house.

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