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How to calculate paint consumption

We paint our house to look good. Nowadays with the advent technology there is keep on improvements in quality of paints. Painting a house is not a small proposition now. Huge money is spent on coloring your home walls. The expenses may increase depending upon type and color of paints you use. Therefore a pre-planning is required to estimate the budget of your paints. Now here I am giving you simple way to calculate paint consumption. A Paint consumption calculator is given for ready calculations of your walls. This paint calculator will help in calculating the right amount of paints required for different walls of your home. The method is described below and the paint calculator is followed afterwards.

To calculate the paint consumption for your home you require the following things

  1. The surface area of all walls including ceilings & shelves, where painting is to be done. This excludes the area of windows and doors. Take a meter tape and measure the length (L) and height (H) of the room wall. If you are measuring in meters use our feet to meters calculator to convert meters to feet and use that value in paint calculator. Count the nos of windows and doors on the wall. A standard size windows and doors is used for calculating area of painting surface wall.


         Surface area of wall = L x H -Area of doors and Windows on wall

  1. The coverage area of paint : This is the spreading rate of paint being used for painting. It varies for different types & colors of paints. It is expressed as sq.ft/liter or sq.m /liter . Coverage is a standard name mentioned in paint catalogue and paint cans. Coverage area of some popular paints are also given in the table below. In the paint consumption calculator the coverage area is given as per the table, however you can use different value as per marked in paints catalogue or cans.
  2. The number of coat is required for your wall. The number of coat required for your wall depend upon the type of paint and color you use. It also depend upon the condition of paints. But generally two coat is required for a good condition wall. The number of coat is also mentioned in the paints cans and catalogue by some manufacturer.

Now paint consumption is calculated by dividing the Surface area of wall by coverage area multiplied by no. of coats of paint.

Paint consumption (P)= Surface area of wall(S) x nos of coat (n)/coverage (a),   i.e

                  Paint Consumption Formula,    P=\frac{S.n}{a}

Once you have all the above information, you can calculate the paint consumption of each wall of your home. Add all the liters of similar paints to get the total quantity of each type and color of paint required.

Online Paint Calculator


                 Coverage area of Popular Paints used in Indian Homes

Paints Types
Coverage area per coat
Royale Paints
270 Sq.ft/liter
Tractor Emulsion
290 Sq.ft/liter
Apcolite Emulsions
290 Sq.ft/liter
170 Sq.ft/liter
250 Sq.ft/liter
110 Sq.ft/liter

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