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How to Calculate Due Date of Pregnancy

When a women conceive a child, the first question comes to her mind is when is the delivery date ?? or what is the pregnancy due date ?? She search to find how to calculate due date of pregnancy or think how does doctors find the due date without knowing the actual conceiving date. Commonly everyone knows that total duration of pregnancy is nine months, but only few knows the method to calculate due date.

How to calculate due date of pregnancy is very simple and Doctors are also not doing any major investigation or tests in the beginning to find this. Therefore it very simple as defined below in this article or use online due date calculator.  Let me also tell you that due date is only the estimated date of delivery, the actual delivery dates may change due to many factor related to baby and it mother conditions during the pregnancy.

Calculation of Due date of pregnancy

Although the estimated date of conception is the day you first become pregnant, most people don’t count pregnancy from that date. That’s because there’s no way to know for sure on which day you actually ovulated and conceived.

how to calculate due date of pregnancy

You can work out the date your baby is likely to be born by counting from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). This is how most doctors will work out your due date.

Your pregnancy should last approximately nine calendar months and seven days, or 40 weeks. So add this length of time from the first day of your last normal period to get an idea of your due date.

It’s quite hard to get a spot-on due date this way. The calculation works best if your menstrual cycle is regular and your period begins predictably every 28 days. You can use our online Due date calculator  also known as Pregnancy calculator which will help you work out your baby’s due date.

Your doctor will calculate due date of pregnancy when you meet her at your first antenatal appointment. She will write down your due date in your maternity file. You may see the date written as expected date of delivery, or EDD.

how to calculate due date

Many women’s menstrual cycles vary in length. So counting from the first day of your LMP may not give you a date you can rely on. Your first ultrasound scan will give you a more accurate due date for your baby.

Exact way of finding the due date of pregnancy

The person carrying out the ultrasound scan, called a ultrasound doctor, will work out how pregnant you are by looking at your baby on the screen.

This scan will tell you exactly how many weeks into your pregnancy you are, based on the stage of development your baby is at. The doctor will also check if you’re carrying twins, or more.


Online Due Date Calculator


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  1. As we know that in normal pregnancy, calculating the natural conception due date is straight from the day when a woman had her last menstrual period.Thanks for providing exact way of finding due date of pregnancy.

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