Monday , May 29 2023


How to calculate Ideal Body weight

ideal body weight

Weight has always been a factor that defines how healthy one is. Every person has at least once in life wondered, ‘What can be my ideal body weight?’ (ibw) or ‘What should be the exact weight that I should be sticking to?’ Calculating the right weight that one must possess ...

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How to calculate BMR


The acronym “BMR” stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is a term that is commonly affiliated with medicine in the day to day life. According to the definition, Basal Metabolic rate is the amount of energy needed by you in a resting state, in a temperate environment during the post-absorptive ...

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How to Calculate Google Adsense Earnings for Your blog

Adsense is an online advertisement program by Google. Adsense reads the texts of the popular searches and display similar ads to website or blog you visit. The website or the blog owner gets money for every click on the displayed ads. Most of the people nowadays build their own website or blog to earn ...

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How to calculate paint consumption

We paint our house to look good. Nowadays with the advent technology there is keep on improvements in quality of paints. Painting a house is not a small proposition now. Huge money is spent on coloring your home walls. The expenses may increase depending upon type and color of paints you ...

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